The First Lesson for Distance Learning – Using Google Meet

Students are usually anxious on the first day of school and your job is to make them feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Although, this year their first exposure to learning may be virtual. Your first lesson may be explaining Google Meet. There is a free download of screens that you can present to students and below are talking points of how to use the options. Good luck on your first day and I hope this lesson makes your students at ease with all of the changes this year.

Free Download Available

Download the free printout that you can present on your screen while completing the following lesson.

Google Meets Free Download

Google Meets First Lesson Plan

Complete an Overview of the White Pop-up Toolbar

Google Meets can be very overwhelming for elementary students because the white toolbar that operates mute, camera, and ending the call only shows when actively moving the mouse. The first issue is the students are trying to “catch” the bar to mute themself. In addition, if you are presenting they can’t see you using this bar. Present with a screenshot of this bar to explain how the options work or download a free copy of screen instructions at my Teacher Pay Teacher store: Link is above.

Review Layout Options

On the white toolbar, there is an ellipses with the option to change the layout. I did a screenshot of these options and had the students follow along on their screen. The three options are:

  • Tiled View- This works well to see at least 12 students on the screen and it nice for a morning meeting or times when the class is having a discussion
  • Spotlight- Whoever is speaking has the spotlight and is on the entire screen. This works well if they know how to mute themselves when they aren’t part of the discussion. I recommend using this for a lesson where the teacher is presenting to the class and it will prevent distractions from what is going on in student’s homes.
  • Sidebar- There is a large screen for the spotlight and 4 pictures are on the side. This is a happy medium between the spotlight and the tiled view.

Turn on Captions

A great option to review is captioning. Have the students practice turning on and off captions. I told my students that if they can’t hear someone that they can read what they say. A perk is that they are practicing reading at a significant pace. The captions are prompt and if someone else starts talking the sentence will begin with their name.

Present Now

Having a student present can be difficult. You may want to show how to present it on your screen. Only one person can present at a time. Students get confused because the “share” button will be greyed out until they click on the picture of the screen they want to present.

Free Download at my Teacher Pay Teacher Store

Have students practice navigating Google Meets and they should be very comfortable within the week. If you would like a free download of these instructions that you can present on your screen during your first Google Meet please visit my store Learning in an Hour at Teachers Pay Teachers.

I am an Amazon Affiliate and do receive a small commission on sales made from this website. I hope you love these products as much as I do. Enjoy! 

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