The 1st Day of Zero Week – Part 3

Meetings and Social Time

At my school, we usually meet for a welcome back meeting that lasts until lunch.  This day is what I call the social day.  It is fun to talk to everyone and catch up with everyone’s summer adventures, look at pictures, and meet the new teachers.  I usually come into school about 45 minutes before the meeting and settle in to talk with my team and catch up. We usually end up going to lunch, so by the time I get back to my classroom I have 2 hours left of the day.  It is sometimes difficult to relax knowing that Meet the Teacher is less than 2 days away.  Try to relax and enjoy the day because the people who you work with are many times the reason why you enjoy this job.  

2 Hours Left to Work-Goals are to Make a Schedule and Laminate

Okay, if you came in during the summer you have tackled a lot of items.  Everyone else in the building is working on their classroom furniture and your goal is to try and get the following completed in 2 hours:

  • Go to the laminator and laminate your name tags – place name tags on students’ desks when you walk in.  Tape them down or add magnets after meet the teacher (There are always parents who look at every person around and have you change their desk) It is easy to quickly swap a name tag rather than start moving desks.  
  • Make your daily schedule – look at your specials schedule, duty, and lunch schedule.  Complete a daily sketch of where you have to be when, and then figure out what subjects fit in between 
  • If there is still time craft a draft of the welcome letter including a schedule, specials days, and lunchtimes and include items that you would like for the classroom.    
  • Parents will bring many donated items during Meet the Teacher and you can thank them in person and have time to properly put them away where you can find them later.  

Being Productive While Still being Social

Helpful hint- Sometimes your teacher friends pop in to talk. I always enjoy a visit to the classroom. I always have an item I can do if they stop by that I can talk and work. Have it set up for these impromptu times someone stops by.

Set up projects so you can easily sit down, talk, and complete your tasks:  Projects you can do while talking to friends:

  • Put the border on the bulletin board
  • Glue gun magnets to the back of your laminated name tags
  • Empty out supplies and put them in order
  • Make binders and put in tabs
  • Put name labels on books and folders
  • Go through your copies and organize by subject

Hopefully these ideas will help you conquer zero week and make a nice first week back to school. During your zero week make a list of everything you do and leave it in your Zero Week folder. Next year you already have a list ready to go.

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