Teaching with Ozobots- Preparation

Number the Ozobots

I know it doesn’t look very attractive, but I am going to recommend that you number your Ozobot’s skin with a sharpie marker before you start teaching with them. The first time I taught Ozobots I didn’t put any numbers on them and three were taken in the first week. At this rate, I wasn’t going to have a class set by the end of the month. They are small and easy to put in a pocket. Thankfully, one nice parent returned one of them, although the other two were never returned. The problem was I didn’t number them, and this year I decided to be more proactive.

I haven’t found any way to remove Sharpie off of the Ozobot’s skin. I literally tried every chemical and I have to sanitize them after each use due to Covid regulations at school and it doesn’t come off. This can be a problem when one is not working well, but I have a solution. I have a classroom set of 36, but my largest class I teach is 28 students. I only labeled the initial 28. That left me 8 backup Ozobots that I can use as replacements if one is not working.

Changing Skins

When one is not working and you need to replace it all you have to do is remove the numbered skin from the broken Ozobot. Use a paper clip and put it right above the charge port between the skin and the bot. Push up and remove the skin. Exchange it with the numbered skin.

Paperclip will Remove the Ozobot Skin Easily

Sharpie markers worked really well.  This will prevent them from disappearing. When I give the Ozobot to the students I match the Ozobot number to the student’s numbered computer.  So if the student is sitting at Computer#2, I would give them the number 2 Ozobot. Before the class ends I collect all of the Ozobot’s personally and put them on the charger in number order.

Lift gently to remove skin

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