Teacher Interview Tips- What to Wear and Bring


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This week,  I was part of an interviewing team to hire new teachers for the intermediate grades 4-6. I thought I would share the positives from the other side of the interview desk.  These tips will be helpful to anyone interviewing for a teaching position.

Unique Job Interview

Interviewing for a teaching position is completely different from a business job interview.  We are professionals, yes, but as a teacher your interview has to show  you have personality, be able to work with children, be friendly to parents, creative, and the list goes on.  The tips on other interview web sites are helpful, but showing up as a stern professional in a dark suit won’t get you a job as a teacher.


As a teacher we do not make a lot of money, so try looking through your closet before the interview to find an outfit.  I really like the ideas from  http://theteacherdresscode.com/.  I only aspire to look like her!  She has a section for teacher interviews.

What looked nice during the interviews were:

  • A pop of color from a trendy blazer, scarf or shirt( for guys, a sharp stylish tie)
  • A spring dress with a nice sweater
  • Nice shoes that were moderately high and stylish (not our regular comfort teaching shoes or the ones you wear out for a fabulous night)
  • Make sure your shoes and everything looks nice and well kept (I used to work with an IBM contractor in my business days, and he said they would always look at their shoes,  the rationale was, if they couldn’t take care of their shoes, they couldn’t take care of IBM’s product)
  • Moderate jewelry
  • Tattoos all covered, and no piercing jewelry showing- policies are different at each school

What to Bring

Leave your school tote in the car and bring in just a few items.

Walk in to the interview with:

  • 5 Copies of your resume on nice paper
  • Stylish notebook to refer to if needed
  • Nice, clean purse, tote, or portfolio binder that is appropriately sized
  • Small water bottle that is plastic or disposable (if you leave it behind it won’t be a problem, and a metal water bottle always falls over at the most inappropriate times.  It’s annoying in class, so you definitely don’t want it to fall over in your interview.

Hopefully these tips will help you make a great first impression.  Follow my next blog on how to prepare for the interview questions.  Best of luck on your future interviews.

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