Snowman Craft with Buddy Classroom

My 5th-grade students just love visiting our kindergarten buddy class.  January is the perfect time to complete this snowman craft on TPT.  The kindergartners are ready to write a simple poem, practice cutting simple shapes, and learn how to use the appropriate amount of glue.  This is easy when they have an intermediate classmate to help them. 

Snowman Craft Versions for Every Grade

Preview Craft with Intermediate Grades

Whenever we visit another class to complete a craft, we first complete the craft in our class.  I like to have an older version for my students to create.  In the case of the Snowman craft I had my students complete all the same artwork, but their acrostic poem was more difficult.

Prepare the Kindergartners/ Primary Class

I asked the kindergarten teacher to read a story about snow and building a snowman.  This can be challenging in Arizona because most of the students do not have any frame of reference about snow.  The kindergarten teacher told me that it was difficult to explain all the words that refer to snow such as “drift” and to explain that school can be cancelled due to snow. She thanked me for providing such a good lesson to talk about new vocabulary words.

Day of the Craft

I have my students walk into their buddy class with the supplies to complete the craft.  That way there is no downtime and we get to work right away.  My students arrived with glue, construction paper, and the handouts.  They taught their kindergarten student one on one explaining they were making a poem and a craft.  Do be prepared to not have the same number of students.  In this case, my students doubled up to help.  We were done in about an hour with photos and clean up complete.

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