Ozobot Bits (Classroom) – Out of the Box

Both Skins Provided in Classroom Kit


When you receive your educator kit the Ozobots have 2 skins (plastic protection) to choose from.  Of course, I promptly started to put the extra skin over the other skin and it was next to impossible to remove.  It took some strong hands and a few days to get the second skin off( A paperclip works wonders).  The other skins are plain without any markings so they do look different and it is easy to make this mistake.  I found that other teachers did the same thing. One skin is good if you are making toppers on your Ozobot. There is a slit at the top and students can put cardstock or decoration to identify their Ozobot.

The skin worked great. After 32 classes, and falling off of desks tables, (they automatically just move following the desks wood grain design) and just naturally being dropped by the primary students.  The Ozobots were sturdy enough not to break when falling on the carpet with their skins on.  The only bad thing about the skin is I could never get them clean.  After a month of continuous contact with 750 students, they were filthy and had permanent markers all over them.  I tried every remedy to clean them, but nothing worked.  Of course, one student thought they were cute and drew a big smiley face on one which is permanently a part of my set.

See my next blog on how to label the Ozobots and remove the skin.

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