Online Teacher Interview- How to Prepare for a Teacher Interview Online

Let’s face it, interviews can be awkward in person let alone add the element of completing interviews on-line.  This year we had most of our interviews virtually through Zoom and Google Meets.  This was new to all of us and I wanted to share with you some tips to make your interview a successful and positive experience.  


Now that we have been challenged to take on technology at a feverish pace, it is so important that you show your comfort, and that starts with the interview.  Technology may not work during your interview, just stay calm and try to work around the problem.  Never show frustration by starting off the interview by saying  “I hate technology” in jest, because things aren’t working well. 

Technology tips for the interview:

Practice– Review the platform of the interview.  If it is Zoom or Google Meets practice with the site.  Before the meeting hold your own Google Meet and check your camera and audio.  Practice with the mute and screen options.

Problems– If your camera or your audio is not working go to your settings and see if you need to tell your computer that the app is allowed to open the camera.  This was the one problem that most of the candidates had.

What can people see– Look what is on the camera screen.  Does it represent you?  The interview team understands that you are at home and it also gives them a first impression of who you are and how you live.  If you are using a phone, purchasing a phone stand can help you get a professional angle and stay steady during the interview.

Lighting-  make sure you are not in front of a window and that you have good lighting in the camera.  Bring in a lamp if you need to.

Phone number–  on a sticky note write down the phone number of the contact person at the school or interviewer.  If there is a tech problem on either side you can just text or call to resolve instead of sitting there waiting for them to get back with you.

Dress the Part–  Try on your interview outfit and ask yourself does it look good in the camera.  Does it make you feel amazing and confident?

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