Display Student Work Year-Round Using Clipboards

Display Student Year Using Clipboard and Pushpins.
Display Student Work Easily

Clipboards to Buy

This is a simple way to display student work year-round. It is important to display student work, but it is hard to find the time to update and maintain it.  To help manage the display of student work, I use hanging clipboards.  I had a set of clipboards for my students that weren’t being utilized. Then I purchased 10 more to have extras.   Traditional clipboards with metal clips worked the best.  The spring is stronger than the other models.

How to Create Bulletin Board

The clipboards slip easily over a plastic pushpin.  This makes it easy to take the clipboard from the wall to slip in new work. To set up the clipboards I used a laser level to keep the boards straight. The laser level is great for building bulletin boards and getting them straight the first time.

Items I used for this project:

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Plan Ahead for New Students

I initially had 24 clipboards for my class. This year I had 28 students so I left room on the ends to add clipboards.  I use the boards to hold the student’s work for the entire year.  I just place the newest display in front. It takes about 10 minutes to put up the student’s work. This can be easily done by a volunteer or when the students are working. For ease, I remove the clipboard from the wall and place the current work in front.

End of the Year Books

The display of student work year-round helps to organize all of the student’s papers in one spot. At the end of the year, I have all of the student’s work organized and create a book that I give to the student.

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