Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Lessons Ideas

At the beginning of each school year I complete a lesson on Digital Citizenship. Here are a few places to find lesson materials. K-12

What I like about these lessons is that they have content for each grade level K-12.  I like to use this for my K-2 students.  The website has videos, slides to talk about the lesson, and songs. I wanted the students to have a reflective piece from these lessons, so  I created the  coloring and writing prompts for this bulletin board.  The lesson and the activity works well for a time period of 30-45 minutes. 

In Ctrl Website (Grade 4-8)

This is a wonderful website that provides videos, essential questions, and worksheets related to the lesson.  They also provide very detailed lesson plans that you could use for observations.

On there are Digital Citizenship lessons that are in collaboration with but they have very detailed lesson plans with activities that you can complete after the lesson.  I really like the superhero project.

Fast Finishers:  For those older students grade 4-8 who complete this task early have them sign into Interland Be Internet Awesome on Google Chrome.  This is a game that reinforces digital citizenship concepts in a game.

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