4 Investment Items for Your Online Classroom Instruction

I just received the announcement that we are starting the first two weeks of school online. I had a flashback to March and the haphazard grabbing of items from my classroom thinking I wasn’t returning for 2 weeks and it ended up being 2 months.

I began by thinking about what I wanted to invest in this year and here is my list.

Keeping Organized

When I am at school I could just write a list of to-do items on a sticky note. It is easy to help students when they are in class, but it was different online. Sometimes a question required research and help from the Tech desk. To keep organized I needed a better planner. I researched and found a great planner.

My second choice of planner was a great one that had places for subjects if I was working in a secondary school.

Recording Instructional Videos

My lighting for videos was great in the morning, but terrible in the afternoon. I would constantly be moving to different parts of the house with my laptop. I found these tabletop lights to use when I am recording.

Phone Stand

I talked to so many people by phone and sometimes I would need to show a student or teacher my computer screen quickly with my phone, but also needed to type or use the mouse to complete instruction. I needed a hands free way to show my screen and instruct. This phone stand allows me to answer the question without going to Google Meets and share my computer screen.

Speaker and Headphones in One

I really should have got this immediately when we went online.  I have a busy house and I am going being able to hear and focus on my online conversation and it will improve the sound for instructional videos. 

What did you order for your online classroom? Leave your ideas in the comments.

I am an Amazon Affiliate and do receive a small commission on sales made from this website. I hope you love these products as much as I do. Enjoy!

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