2021 Back to School -Help Your Primary Student Transition from Online to In-Person Learning at School

2021 Back to School In-Person Learning

Get ready for 2021 Back to School in-person learning! Many students are returning to in-person learning this coming school year. I was fortunate to teach in person for most of the school year. During the school year, over 150 elementary students transitioned from online to in-person learning. We learned a lot over this year and here are some tips to make it a successful transition.

Bathroom Etiquette

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Before school starts discuss and practice using a public restroom. This is especially true if your student did not attend in-person Kindergarten or Pre-School. Many students come to school and are unfamiliar with locking the stall door, using a hand dryer, and getting dressed with zippers and buttons.


  • Locking the door and using the bathroom by themself
  • Getting the right amount of toilet paper and not overfilling the toilet
  • Washing their hands independently
  • Getting dressed in the stall before coming out


  • To ask and tell an adult when they have to use the restroom and not to wait
  • Discuss privacy and that it isn’t appropriate to look under the stall or through the crack
  • The restroom is not a place to play around
  • If they can’t find the restroom or their way back to class to ask another student or adult and they will help


Pack a change of clothes and underwear in your student’s backpack and tell them it is there if they need it. No one plans to have an accident at school, but it is so much better to wear your own clothes afterward.

Digital to In-Person Assignments

In the primary grades, many assignments use multisensory approaches to learning that require coloring, cutting, and gluing.


  • Practice cutting skills- move the paper not the scissors then put the waste in the trash
  • Coloring- color in the lines and show effort. If they make a mistake in coloring have them figure out how to fix it. Many times teachers do not have extra copies or time designated for them to redo an assignment due to coloring mistakes.
  • Gluing- Glue sticks- practice not pressing too hard and applying to the outside edge of the paper. Liquid glue- demonstrate using dots and not using too much that it ruins their paper.


  • Basic rules for scissors such as not pointing them at others and how to walk with scissors
  • Putting away crayons in the box when you are done and how to hold them so they do not break.
  • How a glue stick will dry out if it does not have a lid
  • How to open and close a liquid glue bottle and that they do get clogged sometimes and how to scrape the dried off glue

Academic Intervention

Is your child academically prepared for the upcoming school year? If your student does not know their math facts they will take longer to learn borrowing(regrouping) in 1st and 2nd grade. If your student can’t sound out the phonograms of a word they will struggle reading the text expected for their grade level. Check your school’s website for the curriculum that is taught for the previous grade level and address gaps.


  • Join your library’s summer reading program and check out new books frequently
  • As your child reads out loud to you, listen for words they are struggling with and help them break the words into syllables to sound out phonetically (discuss odd phonograms such as ch- can make the sounds ch, k, and sh)
  • Use grade-level activity books to help practice and identify misconceptions of math concepts
  • Go on summer field trips to the zoo, water park, and museums so your student has experiences they can share with the class and have a frame of reference to their learning. (An example of going to the beach; discuss how the water’s edge is moving. this will later help them understand the role of the moon and tides in the intermediate grades.)


  • Ask your child what subject they felt they succeeded in and struggled with.
  • What they are excited to do when they go to school
  • How you can help them feel confident about returning to school

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Thank you for visiting my blog at Learninginanhour.com and best of luck for your 2021 Back to School.

2021 Back to School Time Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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