Classroom Luxury Supplies

After many years in the classroom, I have been able to justify buying a few luxury classroom supplies.  Many times I made money for my classroom working our carnival booth.  I wanted to buy something that justified a full day of teaching with carnival excited kids  In addition to the 4 hours I put in at the carnival on a Friday night selling popcorn and cleaning the popcorn machine. Seriously, what office job makes you work all day and then spend your Friday night working to buy supplies.  Only a teacher would do that!

Electronic Stapler

Okay, I am the teacher who feels that 5th graders should staple their own papers!  To my demise, and through a lot of work trying to fix jammed staplers and sometimes throwing them away, I found that 5th graders had to be taught how to staple.  They didn’t have enough strength to push down on the stapler the first time, and then they would press harder the second time and jam the stapler!  I went through so many staplers over the years and would constantly take them home to fix them.  This all changed when I bought an electric stapler.  I have only had one jam, with this stapler and it was easy to fix.  

EcoElectronic Stapler

This stapler can handle up to 25 sheets of paper. I really like this stapler because you can adjust the depth of the staple. If we are doing flip books I can easily adjust it so the staple doesn’t cover information that needs to be viewed. The best thing about this stapler is no more jams!

Stapler Remover

It is time teachers to stop buying those cheap plastic stapler removers that bend out of shape and fling staples all over the place when you are tearing apart your bulletin boards. It is time to buy the ultimate heavy duty stapler remover. No more achy hands, this is ergonomic and uses leverage to get those difficult staples out. This one is going to last for years! All the teachers come over to borrow mine.

Magnet Wand

I originally bought this to pick up pins from my sewing room.  It eventually made its way to my classroom.  After I am done removing staples or doing a science project using paper clips I break out the telescoping magnet wand.  The students actually fight over this job.  No more asking the kids to find staples in the carpet.

Heavy Duty Hole Punch

I can’t tell you how many times I had copies I made and forgot to hole punch them, or didn’t have time in the teacher workroom. It is so nice to quickly hole punch a classroom set of copies in one punch. This one is a true luxury that is also easy for the students to use.

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State Report: Conclusion

The students should be comfortable with the process quickly after the first few days.  Make sure that the students are storing all of their completed papers in their folder.  Grade as they complete each section.   An example of my grading sheet after the first few days looks like the below photograph.

State Grade Report Example

If a student is falling behind, I highlight the box.  I will usually talk with those students and give them a deadline to finish so they aren’t falling farther behind as the work adds up.   It also gives me an idea of how the student manages their time.  During this project, my students sit around the room and this can be a problem where they are just having fun with friends.  If they are falling behind they have to return to their seat or one that is close to me until they catch up. 

Fast Finishers

There will also be those students that are completing their project quickly.  These students may finish up to a week ahead of the other students.  I usually allow these students to make a Powerpoint presentation of their state.  I always like my students to present their states to the class and this just adds to their presentations.  They have a great time getting photographs to describe their state and creating transitions with music.  The students who usually get done the fastest love the creativity and freedom of making the Powerpoint and it truly amazes the group when they present.


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